The Fall of Kāmadeva — An Astronomical Allegory of Warmer Spell.

Source — Wiki, I love this image of Shiva as He holds Mriga in one hand, Akashganga-Celestial river-the Milky way in his matted hair.
Orion- three belt star. Red star above Orion belt stars near milky way is Ardra nakshatra (Betelgeuse) whose deity is Rudra, which is one of the name of Shiva. Doesn’t it look like as if holding the Milky way (on his head).

Longer and hotter springs — Effect of Apsidal Precession

Spring were harsher and appeared to be longer which must have given the imagery that florals are withering away too faster than at any other point of time in history in northern hemisphere. In todays time vernal and summers are harsher and hotter in southern hemisphere and if one recalls bushfire of Australia such events must had been a very common scene during vernal in Ardra with aphelion conditions. This event was thus recorded as a story of Manmatha-Kāmadeva. J.L. Shastri; G.P. Bhatt writes in Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology Volume 14: The Garuda Purana Part 3. about Kāma, the presiding deity of the disc was born as Sudarsana. Sâmba the son of lord Krsna was also the incarnation of Kāma. Skanda, the son of Rudra (Shiva) was also Kāma. Sudarsana, Pradyumna, Bharata, Samba, Sanatkumara, and Skanda these six are the incarnations of Kāma. Incarnations of Kāma suggests many cyclic times.

Earth further away from Sun during spring gives rise to slower movement of spring season. Giving an imagery as per Kepler’s law.
Image courtesy- Nileshoak.wordpress — What else warmer spells will do? In indian context, we will create a story to remember the event.



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Rupa Bhaty

Rupa Bhaty

Architect and Adjunct Assistant Professor at School of Indic studies, Institute of Advanced Sciences, MA, USA