Identifying other predecessor kings from the phrase of King Bṛhadratha

Rupa Bhaty
3 min readMar 28, 2022

The ancientness of King Bṛhadratha.

Very few names of Chakravati kings are being remembered in the shrutis and smritis. Bṛhadratha in Maitrayāṇī Araṇyaka Upaniṣada takes one such name, i.e., Marutta (MAU- 1.4) and another Bharata. These two names appear to be very prominent and remembered on last note as his near predecessor.

We find the same Marutta as MaruttaĀvi-kṣita (‘descendant of Avikṣit’) in Śatapatha Brāhmaṇa-शतपथब्राह्मणम्/काण्डम् १३/अध्यायः ५/ब्राह्मण ४

See SBr reference below

एते एव पूर्वे अहनी महाव्रतमतिरात्रस्तेन ह मरुत्त आविक्षित ईज आयोगवो राजा तस्य ह ततो मरुतः परिवेष्टारोऽग्निः क्षत्ता विश्वे देवाः सभासदो बभूवुस्तदेतद्गाथयाभिगीतं मरुतः परिवेष्टारो मरुत्तस्यावसन्गृहे आविक्षितस्याग्निः क्षत्ता विश्वे देवाः सभासद इति मरुतो ह वै तस्य परिवेष्टारोऽग्निः क्षत्ता विश्वे देवाः सभासदो भवन्ति योऽश्वमेधेन यजते — १३.५.४.६

ete eva pūrve ahanī mahāvratamatirātrastena ha marutta āvikṣita īja āyogavo rājā tasya ha tato marutaḥ pariveṣṭāro’gniḥ kṣattā viśve devāḥ sabhāsado babhūvustadetadgāthayābhigītaṃ marutaḥ pariveṣṭāro maruttasyāvasangṛhe āvikṣitasyāgniḥ kṣattā viśve devāḥ sabhāsada iti maruto ha vai tasya pariveṣṭāro’gniḥ kṣattā viśve devāḥ sabhāsado bhavanti yo’śvamedhena yajate —

Brihadratha remembers very early kings of Ikshvaku lineage, Ikshvaku’s brother Dishta’s lineage-King Marutta, Puru lineage King Bharata (for now, note that Aila lineage is from Atris) These are the kings from before Last Glacial Maximus (LGM) times. Pic coutesy used ( Devian Art )

Bṛhadratha doesn’t take any name after Harishchandra of Ikṣvāku lineage, he rather stops at Marutta and Bharata. By the Lakṣaṇa we have already found that Bṛhadratha is the king mentioned in Rg veda also who is remembered as Navavastva Bṛhadratha in 10th, 6th and 1st maṇḍalas. And by the astronomical and eustatic evidence of MAU the timing of event was sought spot on 34500 BCE. Bṛhadratha also remembers Sudyumna who is one of the brother of Ikṣvāku. He also remembers Ikshvaku’s brother Dishta’s lineage-King Marutta, and Nahusha-Yayati-Puru lineage King Bharata.

Ikshvakus remembered by King Brihadratha. Note that only prominent kings are being remembered.

In one of the blogs I discussed the Dasarājna war and the geological as well as morphological past of Rivers Satluj and Ravi described in RV 3.33, going parallel and the tectonic conditions with the studies of change of river courses creating a suitable situation for Vishvamitra to cross the River could have happened only during 33K BCE to 29K BCE. Sudāsa Paijavana takes the name Bharatas in Rg veda appears to bring in a new tribe out of Puru faction. No matter what Sudāsa Paijavana is posterior to the original Bharatas, if Bharata Dauhśyanta was the originator of this tribe and if we are placing them correctly. Below is the chart of Eustaic history of Sea and oceans for last 140,000 Years.

Bṛhadratha — Bhagiratha Aikśvākas

The above pic shows again what the different myths from the Itihāsās and Purāṇas want to convey. Connecting the dots of geology, river morphology, eustatic conditions of Oceans with the Ikṣvāku lineage we find that the king’s names that Bṛhadratha uttered are very ancient and thus all of them hail from before LGM times. This evidence of King names are also rich evidence as much as the astronomical evidence of MAU.



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