Hydronymy of Gautamī Tīrtha(Name of the river Gomatī) and its Connection with The Rising of Kṛttikās in Due East

The story of Kṛttikā-Tīrtha in Gautamī mahātmya

The Gomti river

The Gomti, a monsoon- and groundwater-fed river, originates from Gomat Taal (formally known as Fulhaar jheel) near Madho Tanda, Pilibhit, India.

Gomat -Pilibhit

Śatapatha Brāhmaṇa contains a passage:

(Read more on Nilesh Oak ji’s blog here)

Clubbing both the information of Gomat tāla and Kṛttikās Tīrtha from Gautamī Mahātmya

One of the slides from NFSI conference showing various Vernal equinoxes and timing of probable Agastya Visibility near/away autumnal (opposite of vernal)

The problem arises to place the reference of the Kṛttikās-Kartikeya story with rising in the east.

The similar story of Kṛttikās and Kārtikeya is present in the Ramayana* and Mahabharata and other scriptures in the form of Kārtikeya’s birth himself. In comparision to Ramayana, Mahabharata has a confluence of all the stories, including the stories of Ikshvaku kings like Bhagiratha — Bhāgirathi, Jahnu — Jāhnavi which are again Hydronymy references from the past. I have already mentioned and discussed Kṛttikās and Saptaṛṣis association in Saptamatrika and Shadmatrika system earlier in my blogs. This places the story to be from before Ramayana and Mahabharata times( Thus also 3102 BC is an impossible dating of Kali and Mahabharata). I have not yet speculated over the dating of śatapatha brāhmaṇa but the story and the Gautami tīrtha related to Kṛttikās apparently appears to be from the earlier cycle of precession of equinoxes.

Its happening around 27,000+ BCE.

I wonder if Shri Subhash Kak ji can be extensively rejected for 1900 BCE and 3000 BCE, then what will be the world view of my find of 27,000+ BCE. While I completely reject the ideas of dating by western authors since they do not understand that the world existed before 4004 BC. On the contrary I am also pained to read Indian researcher’s works. Whom to blame now.

Therefore, read the scriptures by yourself.

So many clubbing up of different memories pertaining to different sciences


  • Chapter XXXVII < [Book 1 — Bāla-kāṇḍa]; Then the celestials called him Kārtikeya, saying, ‘Without doubt, this son shall become famed over the … And, O Kākutstha, since Kārtikeyahad issued from (Gaṅgā s) womb the celestials called that effulgent … He who, O Kākutstha, on earth revere Kārtikeya, is blessed, and attain righteousness, and being long-lived Chapter XXXVI < [Book 1 — Bāla-kāṇḍa]; Here sprang from Fire Kārtikeya of mighty energy,
  • also found in 37 different scriptures.



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Rupa Bhaty

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