And those who ask me for “Why Fishes are not offered to Devas in Rg veda”

Compare for the food staple in Rg veda

Imagery 1

The ritual offerings of flesh contemplate that the gods will eat it, and again the Brahmins ate the offerings. In Rv. viii. 43, 11, Agni is described as a “eater of ox and cow.” The context could simply be astronomical, implying that the vernal equinoctial point is regressing. It does, however, convey a glimpse of Māṃsa’s ritualistic sacrifices to Agni.

Imagery 2

Yet we don’t find the “Fishes” in “the food staple” or “offerings to the deities”. Valid question!

c. 1890 Jaipur.


Thus we can see that all these imageries points us to Upper Pleistocene & Paleolithic times which Rg vedic people were experiencing and indeed they were neither eating fish nor offering it to Gods. It appears that meat was abundant compared to fishes.



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Rupa Bhaty

Rupa Bhaty

Architect and Adjunct Assistant Professor at School of Indic studies, Institute of Advanced Sciences, MA, USA